The Clip ‘n Climb FAQ

Our aim for this is page is to answer the main questions our guests have before their visit. If you have any questions that are not covered or need further clarification, please contact us before your visit. We will keep updating this page, so it is as helpful as possible.

Planning Your Visit
On Arrival
During Your Session
Our Facilities
Planning Your Visit
What time do I need to arrive for my session?
The time you book is the time your safety briefing starts, please arrive 15 minutes before your booked time so we can check you in.
What are your Opening Times?
During term time the centre is open between 2 and 8 pm (the first briefing starting at 2.30 and the last typically at 6.30). On Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays and School Holidays the first briefing will start at 9.30 and typically the last session will be at 6.30 and on Sunday the last session will be at 5.30.
How can I book a Session?
We strongly recommend booking your climbing session in advance, especially during our busiest times at weekends and during school holidays. Booking standard session tickets is quickest via our online booking system where you can see at a glance, for any given day, exactly when we are open and which sessions still have spaces left. You can also purchase special challenges tickets during the online booking process.
Are the Stairway to Heaven and Dropslide Included in the price of a standard session?
The standard price excludes these special challenges. Tickets can be purchased during the online booking process or from reception on the day. Please remember that tickets for these attractions are non refundable. The extra challenges are to be completed during the 55 mins climb time.
Am I allowed in the arena if I am not climbing?
This is not a problem and high vis jackets are provided to those wishing to join their children in the arena. Please remember no food or drink are permitted in the arena. We do allow parents to clip their own children and if you are keen to do this please let us know.
Can I amend or cancel my booking ?
Our terms and conditions for standard session tickets allow customers to reschedule or cancel their booking providing this is done up to 48 hours before their session start time. Please call our Reception team on 01732 753330 or e mail in the event you need to amend or cancel your booking. Separate terms apply to children’s parties, school bookings, other private hire and corporate events.
Is there a minimum age restriction ?
Anyone aged 4 and upwards is welcome to climb in our arena. Clip ‘n Climb Tonbridge is for adults as well as children, and you can all participate in the arena together.
Is Clip ‘n Climb just for kids ?
No, Clip ‘n Climb is as much for adults as it is for children! We run sessions in the evening during the week and at weekends if you wish to avoid sessions that are likely to include lots of children. There are three challenges on every wall of varying difficulty and adults are sure to be challenged to achieve maximum points. There are also a number of walls to test competitive instincts including the timed Speed Walls and Face to Face challenge.
What equipment will I need ?
We provide you with all the standard equipment you'll need for your climbing session. If you have purchased tickets for any of our special attractions, we also provide the necessary equipment for these.
What clothes should I wear and do I need to bring anything else ?
Climbers should wear loose and comfortable clothing (we advise against skirts and dresses). Closed-toe footwear - secure shoes such as trainers - must be worn. We recommend that minimal jewellery is worn when climbing, and long hair is tied back. Loose items and/or coins MUST be removed from pockets before climbing. We have personal lockers available for customers to securely store belongings during their session (you will need a £1 coin per locker). Climbers are advised not to carry a phone or camera on them whilst they climb.
I have children of different ages, can they climb together ?
Yes. One of the great things about Clip 'n Climb is that it is one of the few activities where groups or families with mixed ages can climb together at the same time.
Can anyone do it ?
The minimum age is 4 years. It is the parent / guardian's responsibility to ensure the children are old enough to participate. Unfortunately if we become aware that a participant is under age we are required to stop their further participation and this session will not be eligible for a refund. Participants must be no heavier than 150kg to use the auto belay system.
Please note that climbers must be over 120 cm to use the Leap of Faith.
Do I have to stay with my child during the session ?
Children under the age of 16 years must have an adult accompany them to the Clip 'n Climb briefing room prior to the session starting. Adults can also climb but may choose not to do so. We do ask that you remain in the building throughout the session. However if you are not climbing there is a great viewing area that runs the length of the climbing arena or you can relax at our Summit Café.
On Arrival
How do I get to Clip n Climb Tonbridge?
Be careful as Sat Nav will direct you to incorrect nearby location if use postcode TN9 1RA.

The TON Business Park is prominently located overlooking a roundabout at the junction of the A26 and Vale Road. The entrance to Morley Road and the estate is within a 100 yards of the roundabout and opposite the Mercedes dealership.

Junction 5 of the M25 is within 15 mins drive.

Unit 4 is well sign posted within TON Business Park, which also includes the Jump In Trampoline Park.

Tonbridge train station is within 10 – 15 minutes walk
Is there car parking ?
Ample car parking is provided and Clip 'n Climb spaces are clearly marked. Car parking is free.
Where do I leave my belongings and valuables ?
We have personal lockers available for you to securely store your belongings during your session (you will need a £1 coin per locker).
During Your Session
Do I have to attend safety briefings if I have been before ?
Yes, all climbers must attend the safety briefing part of the session before they can begin climbing in the arena. This still applies even if you’ve been hundreds of times!
How long will my session be?
All standard sessions last 90 minutes and include a half hour briefing followed by 55 minutes climbing and 5 minutes to de-harness. Please note the time you book is the time your safety briefing starts. Instructors will call you to your introduction / safety briefing. Last climbs will be called 5 minutes ahead of end of session.
Which climbs are easiest ?
We have a number of climbs that are great for novices and younger climbers including Big Cheese, Hex, Red Square, Skyscraper and Jungle Gym. You will note in our briefing room there are information boards on all the climbs which are rated for difficulty.
I've climbed a few times, will the challenges be too easy ?
There are endless ways to climb each of our challenges. You can choose to take a harder route or race against an opponent or the clock in some of our challenges.
Is there any climbing instruction ?
No experience is required to enjoy Clip 'n Climb safely. Our instructors run a safety briefing before you climb which covers everything you to know about using the auto belay system and how to climb the elements safely. They will also ensure your harness is fitted correctly. Our instructors are also on hand throughout the session to help clip you in and out of climbs and to offer assistance and support where needed. They''ll even give you some great route tips for each climb !
What is a Clipper ?
Volunteering as a Clipper is a great way to be involved in the experience without committing to climbing yourself. Clippers help attach climbers to the safety tapes using karabiners which attach from the tape to the climbers harness. Clip 'n Climb staff do the majority of our clipping but if you wish to help you can. Full training is provided and we ask all our Clippers to wear one of our high vis jackets so that you can be easily identified.
What if I get thirsty - can I take a water bottle on a climb ?
No sorry no drinks, gum or food are allowed in the climbing arena - we do have lockers where you can deposit your own water bottle for a well earned drink after a session.
Our Facilities
Is there somewhere that parents / friends can watch / wait?
We have a viewing walkway and mezzanine gallery that runs much of the length of the arena so that you can monitor your child’s climbing prowess closely – alternatively there is the Summit café area which also overlooks the climbing arena and non climbers can wait. We do have highchairs available in the Summit Café for younger guests. Free wifi is available.
Is there somewhere I can buy Food or Drinks?
The Summit Café serves hot and cold drinks (ranging from delicious coffees and teas to smoothies, slushies and other cold drinks. A selection of paninis, pizzas, hot dogs, cakes, brownies and other goodies are on offer.
Can I bring my own food and / or drinks?
Unfortunately customers / guests are not permitted to consume food or drink onsite unless it has been purchased from the Summit Café. If you have booked a birthday party package then it is fine to bring your own cake.
Is there anything for younger siblings to do who are not climbing ?
There is a small Play Zone which is free and has a selection of toys to keep the Under 4's entertained.
Do you have wheelchair access ?
All the facilities are on a single level for which wheelchair access is provided.