The Clip ‘n Climb experience includes a 30 minute introduction, harness fitting and safety briefing then a full 55 minutes climbing, finally 5 minutes to remove harness and exit the arena.  The time you book is the start of the briefing introduction.

We strongly recommend booking your session in advance, especially during our busiest times (weekends and school holidays).

Clip ‘N Climb

4 years and upwards – £13.50

Vertical Drop Slide Experience** – £2.50 for 2 goes
(can be booked either on line in advance or at reception at time of visit)

Stairway to Heaven Experience – £2.50 for 2 goes
(can be booked either on line in advance or at reception at time of visit)

Gift Voucher – £18.50 (including extras challenges)
(please e-mail with contact details and we will be in touch to arrange for voucher) 

Rockstars after school climbing course – £45 (4 week course)
(please contact centre to book and sessions at 4.30  Monday  – outside school holidays)

Sen Session – £10
(please book on line and sessions at 5.30 on Tuesdays – outside school holidays)

Loyalty Cards – available at reception for weekday visits (outside school holidays)

Birthday Parties

£20 per person

This includes food and hire of party room (please see parties page for more information). Challenges including stairway and dropslide are charged at £2.50 each

Soft Play Area

There is a small play area for Under 4’s – Free


Discounted rates available for large group bookings during week, Contact the Clip ‘n Climb team through our Contact page or call us to book on 01732 753330. Bespoke packages available for Corporate Bookings.

The Vertical Drop Slide

The Vertical Drop Slide is our only challenge where you are not clipped onto the climbing rope. Sliders firstly put on a racing suit and safety helmet. You then lie on the bottom of the slide and take hold of the t-bar, connected to the winch that will lift you towards the top of the 6 metre drop.

The slide has a number markers to see how high you can stay on. This is a fantastic fun challenge that requires reasonable strength and grip to reach the top.

Stairway to Heaven

Walk your way up the amazing Stairway to the top – steady balance and careful footwork are required as well as a head for heights.  Stairway to Heaven is our only challenge where there is a height restriction of 1.2 metres.